9 Things Your Massage Therapist Should Know to Give a Good Massage – And Why Only 2 Are Important

There are many things that an MT must learn to pass the various state licensing exams, but only 2 are absolutely necessary to do a good massage. In fact they are so important that if your Massage Therapis does not poses them, no matter how many years they have practiced, no 출장마사지 matter how many classes they have taken, no matter what school they graduated from nor if they had the highest grades in their class, if they do not posses the knowledge that I will tell you shortly, then you should run, not walk as fast as you can, from them. Do not give them a chance for you will surely be disappointed in what you have just spent your hard earned money for. Before I tell you what those 2 things are, let me tell you why the others are not as important.

You might have thought that anatomy would be important. After all, they are working on your body. They should know where the muscles are, what they do and how their technique can help you. However, the study of anatomy has only been required for MTs for only the past 40 of our 3,000 year old history. It may help us do our job better but it isn’t absolutely necessary to give a good massage.

You probably think that Physiology is important also. This is the study of the body’s systems and how they work. Although it helps us to be a better health care professional, it is totally unnecessary for the practice of massage.

Is My Therapist Ethical?

Ethics are pretty important, and although this will help you to ensure that your therapist acts in the highest regards to your well being, it has nothing to do with giving a good massage. A definition of ethics can also be variable. For one person a Therapist who advertises a certain way is unethical, to another it’s just good business practice.

How my Muscles Work

How about Kinesiology? The study of the function of muscles seems mighty important. How would a Massage Therapist know how to work on a muscle group if they didn’t now how they work? The fact is, kinesiology is an even more recent study that Massage Therapists take. If it was all that necessary then we would have been studying it for the past 3,000 years also. But we haven’t.

Is That Contraindicated?

Contraindications are pretty important, right? After all, you wouldn’t want your Therapist doing something that might harm you. If you had a blood clot in your leg, you may not want a Massage Therapist to work it loose and send it to your heart, do you? Or how about causing a miscarriage if you are pregnant during your fist trimester? Fact is, neither of these conditions can be caused by massage. In fact, the American Pregnancy Association and the Birthing Doula Association both recommend massage during all trimesters as it helps to ease the discomfort caused by tight muscles.

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