10 Best Places to Meet Single People, or to Find That Special Someone

From time to time you meet someone with seemingly no effort on your part. But other times it’s not that easy. Let’s face it, sometimes finding love can be hard work. If you’re not having any luck meeting new single people, then maybe you need to break out of your routine and try something different. A change of venue might be just what you need. Below are what we consider to be the best 10 places to meet new people. One thing you’ll notice that’s not on our list is that word “bar”. Many people just aren’t into the bar scene, and there’s a good chance you’ve already tried that anyways. So get creative and try something new. And remember to “think outside the bar”.

10) Concerts and Musical Events
These types of events can be a great place to meet someone new. These shows often attract people who are young and single. Of course if you go see a band or a show in a smaller venue, you may find it easier to talk  먹튀검증.with people than at a large mega-stadium. Also, outdoor concerts and music festivals are great for this, as they allow you to move around and mingle.

9) Community Service or Volunteering
This can be a good way to not only help a good cause that you care about, but you’ll likely meet similarly minded people. Also, it allows you to help the community and perhaps meet someone special along the way.

Classes & Seminars
Common interest is a great foundation for any relationship. Pick something that you’re actually interested in and try it out. Try to pick something that has a social aspect to it and will likely attract a large group of people. So taking private Spanish lessons from a tutor is not going to give you the opportunity to meet as many people as taking a group cooking class. Here are a few examples: cooking, ballroom dancing, salsa dancing, painting, acting or comedy classes.

7) Museums & Art Galleries
This is especially a great way to go if you like art and culture. You can connect with your future honey while talking about the finer points of impressionist art. Or just have a laugh together while you give the paintings funny names.

6) Meetup.com Groups
Meetup.com is a website that allows people to join groups based on any type of interest you might have. If you love boston terriers, there’s a meet up group for that. Are you into motocross, rock climbing, hiking, museums, surfing or French poetry? They’ve got groups for all of those and more. Typically these groups will have periodic social events where the members meet in person.

5) A Friend’s Office Party or Company Picnic
We’ve all head the old saying about not fishing off your own pier. So if you haven’t meet anyone single and interesting through your own job, then why not tag along to a friends office party or social event. It could be anything from a Friday happy hour to a Christmas party or birthday lunch. You’ll get to meet a whole new pool of people, which is always a good thing.

4) Farmers Markets, Art walks, Art Events
These are great, low-pressure environments to get out there and meet a new people. A good strategy might be to bring along a friend or even your dog.

3) Group Sporting Events
Try joining a local kickball leagues, bowling team, softball team or even beer-pong torment. Just pick something that you’re interested in and give it a shot. Most cities offer some type of city-league or community sports.

2) Dog Park
If you love your dog, then why not enlist him in your search for love. Take your furry friend to the local dog park and see what happens. Certain times of day are probably busier than others, so you may have to go back a few times. If you see someone interesting just ask them about their dog and see where it goes.

1) Online Dating Website
It’s estimated that today 1 in 5 relationships start online. If you’re too busy to get out there and meet people face-to-face, then this is by fare one of the best ways to meet someone.

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